Public Affairs
The Association was born from the need to have a counterpart that represents in a consistent and organized organized the sector, now increasingly pervasive in daily interactions, with the interest of making the grow of the Italian system by providing a incentive to the Italian and European institutional stakeholders.
AssoFintech is a point of contact between different realities: startups, banks, financial intermediaries, insurance companies, players in the world of private equity, real estate, tech companies.
Training and Information
AssoFintech promotes information and training also in terms of financial education. It proposes knowledge and supports the growth of Fintech, Insurtech and Proptech entrepreneurs.

Board of Directors


Appoints Board of Directors, proposes programmatic goals, discusses pursuit of goals. It meets once a year.

Nominated by the Assembly, it formulates strategy and program of activities and verifies the results, decides on applications for membership, appoints Working Groups. It meets 4 times a year.

Nominated by the Executive Committee and composed of academics and experts (including non-members), it deals with research and development activities, including consolidation and the exchange of best practices.