Assofintech, as an representative operator of the system, has entered into a series of agreements with national, international and professional stakeholders, to make available to its members a series of useful tools for business development. The partnerships are constantly updated and growing, including 360° opportunities for the consolidation and growth of members' business projects. Assofintech is always active to implement operationally the opportunities offered by the partners and make them accessible to its associative base.

Our services

Credit and Finance

The Association has developed an extensive network with consulting firms and investor networks to facilitate the raising of equity capital and/or access to credit;

Corporate Law

Assistance for our associates in matters of Corporate Law with monitoring of regulatory developments and access to Legal Advice for corporate forms and governance, civil balance sheet, corporate operations and their organs, and other corporate transactions. Facilitation to the establishment and start-up of new business initiatives.


Timely assistance for its associates in tax matters with monitoring of regulatory developments, allowing for correct information regarding tax compliance and correct management choices. Information on regulations, obligations and tax benefits, access to tax advice from AssoFintech partners;


Collaborations with Universities, Masters, Research Centers allow a direct access to the latest developments in the Fintech field, the associated realities will have access to a series of training events for a training enrichment as well as create a direct contact to finalize the selection of young and specialized personnel.

Start up

Access to a customizable service for each start-up, offering tools to meet the needs of planning and development of the entrepreneurial project. AssoFintech proposes itself as a connector to identify in its partner companies the services necessary for business growth, following the developments step by step.


Access to Innovation Hub Partners of AssoFintech with the possibility to develop projects of development and innovation of products and processes. The Association proposes itself as a gateway to the main national and international interlocutors.


Access to extensive support for the internationalization of its Associates, following step by step the definition of the objectives of the path to fulfill the need for internationalization. The network of international interlocutors is able to provide specific assistance in strategic geographical areas for the industry.


AssoFintech wants to offer an extremely specialized access to legal services for its associates in order to support the associated companies in any legal issue they may face. The world of law, with the thousands of national and community laws that characterize it, requires a consultancy aimed at an effective collaboration to deal with any problem, with a view to both preventive and decisive.