Assofintech announces the birth of its Advisory Board. Giuseppe Vegas President

Milan, 24 June 2021

Assofintech, the Italian Association for fintech, insurtech and propotech, is pleased to announce the establishment of its Advisory Board, a think tank of experts in finance and technology that will support the activities of the Association in its project to support the development and growth of the sector in Italy. The Advisory Board is chaired by Giuseppe Vegas, former president of Consob and today an active investor in fintech startups, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Assofintech itself.

At the first meeting of the Advisory Board, Vegas declared:

"Fintech should not just be seen as a fad phenomenon affecting the startup world. It is much more and must be used by banks, intermediaries and more generally by all those who work in the financial industry to create value and efficiency in their activities. AssoFintech is an association and as such it must create a path for member companies, which can also be expanded abroad. This is why our working group is important."

Not only that. Vegas added: "The activity of the Association and mainly of us members of the Advisory Board must also be to be present at European level to enter the legislative debate. For example in the one related to the regulation of cryptocurrencies. The times of information technology are fast, a coordinated action with other countries is fundamental".

Here below the members of the Advisory Board of Assofintech:
Dott. Giuseppe Vegas – President - Prof. Catholic University
Prof.ssa Stefania Bariatti – Prof. University of Milan, member of ABI Council and Boards of Directors of A2A, BNL and Mediaset
Dott.ssa Elena Biffi - member of the Board of Directors FinecoBank and Mondadori Group
Avv. Roberto Cociancih - member of the Board of Directors of Sace
Dott.ssa Giovanella Condò – Milano Notai
Dott. Andrea Ferretti – Partner EY
Avv. Ariel Nachman – Head of Israel Desk Simmons&Simmons
Dott. Michele Novelli – Partner Digital Magics
Dott. Lonardo Patroni Griffi President of Banca Popolare Puglia-Basilicata
Prof. Francesco Perrini - Professor at Bocconi University, President of Brera Financial Advisory
Avv. Alessandro Portolano – Partner Chiomenti
Dott.ssa Silvia Rovere – President AssoImmobiliare, Confindustria
Avv. Federico Sutti – Managing Partner Dentons Europe

Assofintech – Sede Via Pantano 2 – 20122 | Milano – MI
Codice Fiscale 97788160154 – E-mail:

AssoFintech is the only Italian association that represents all the actors of the Fintech and Insurtech world in the national panorama with a constantly updated window on international developments, whether these are newborn or already grown startups, challenger banks or traditional banks that are confronted with new technologies; asset managers looking for new analysis and management tools; institutional or private investors; lawyers and other professionals who work alongside banks and businesses; teachers, researchers and university students; institutions and regulators. Knowledge, awareness, collaboration, technological leadership, institutions and regulators, networking, are some of the characterizing values of our organization.

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